Home BuyersHome Sellers April 21, 2014

Our Promise

509 WRE Sets the StandardWe promise to be 100% honest. This is not a new promise, or a new way of doing business. Honesty has always been the core of our business, and it will continue to be. When you contact one of our brokers, seeking home selling or home buying advice, you will not be pressured. Our efforts have always been to negotiate the best purchase for our buyers and market homes with fervency to meet the seller’s goals. And through those processes, you will get 100% honest advice, full service and guidance tailored to your needs. We know that today may not be the best day for all homeowners to sell. We know that some buyers are not yet ready to buy.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we are not here to simply make a sale. We are here to help you be successful as you make one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Our commitment to honesty is coupled with what we call the Windermere Truths:

  • We believe that people are more important that houses.
  • We always start with the client’s point of view.
  • We solve people’s needs while fulfilling their wants.
  • We know everything about our neighborhood and community.
  • We understand that a house is a box where people do their living. It is where memories are made and lives take place.
  • We are citizen-brokers and a central part of the fabric of our community.
  • We ease and guide the home buying and selling processes and transform the leap of faith to a step of faith.
  • We are facilitators, counselors, experts and hand holders, which is so much more than a broker.
  • We protect our clients by educating them and negotiating on their behalf.
  • We are entrepreneurs.
  • We are creating a cause which is way more than building a company.
  • We are creating vibrant, livable and humane communities.

Next time you need full time real estate service, you know where to get the service you expect and deserve.