Advice From Brokers December 29, 2015

Light Rail Plans for Snohomish and King County

light rail.jpeg

There has been a push to create a light-rail from Lynnwood to Everett, but since creating something like this is such a huge project there have been different paths to take being placed into consideration.

Planners estimate these options could take 5-10 years, if not more. The builders want to pass the new system through Paine field, stretching from downtown Everett to downtown Seattle and passing through Lynnwood, Edmonds and Shoreline.

According to the Federal Reserve of St Louis, when light rails similar to this are build elsewhere, they are believed to improve property values, which has happened in Portland, OR. However in New York, home values decreased the further away from light rail stations. Whether or not this light rail will affect the property values in Shoreline has yet to be determined – how do you think a light rail will affect the property values in our area?