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Upcoming events around the Seattle area

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Shoreline: Name Trivia

Throughout the history of the Shoreline area, beauty and abundant natural resources have attracted people to call Shoreline home. In the early days, it was the arrival of the Great North Railroad in Richmond Beach that spurred growth. Many years of rich history followed, ushering the city of Shoreline to present day. Community names we are familiar with come from places and names of historical figures. Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, Innis Arden, Richmond Beach, Aurora Avenue and Ronald Bog Park are some examples. Do you know where these names came from? (data source: Shoreline or Steamers, Stumps and Strawberries by LouAnn Bivins)

Shoreline was used for the first time to describe the school district. Shoreline was a winning entry submitted by Marilyn Buckner, a Lake City student at the time. Her prize was a $25 bond in 1944.

Lake Forest Park was named for Lake Forest, Illinois, by Edward Cox, a Lake Washington steamer captain around 1910.

Innis Arden was named after Mrs. Boeing’s girlhood home in Connecticut.

Richmond (Beach) was named for Richmond, England, the ancestral home of George Fisher, a Shoreline homesteader in 1890. The word beach was added in 1910 by the post office.

Aurora Avenue was chosen by Dr. Edward C. Kilbourne to commemorate his home town in Illinois.

Ronald Bog Park

Ronald Bog Park is one of several places honoring Judge James Ronald, former Seattle mayor. The other sites named after Judge Ronald include the former grade school, the former Interurban stop, the district, the Ronald Sewer District and finally the Ronald Methodist Church in 1974.

Shoreline or Steamers, Stumps and Strawberries by LouAnn Bivins

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Get to know the neighborhood before you buy

Neighborhood of Traditional Style HousesIn all the excitement of looking for and purchasing that perfect home, take some time to get to know the neighborhood. More than just the neighborhood features – the neighbors themselves too. They can be a treasure chest of information. Why bother? Neighboring homes can have a direct effect on your property value. Find out what the neighbors know. Check out this article from Smart Money, 10 Things Your Neighbors Won’t Tell You – The people living next door aren’t who you think they are.

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